Sendang Gile Water Fall

Still remember 3 things that I really wanted to do in Lombok?

The first one is climbing Mount Rinjani, the second one is coming to see Sendang Gile water falls, and the third one is snorkeling in Gili Islands. Yesterday I already post about my experience snorkeling in Gili Air

Today, I wanna share my experience coming to see Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep water fall. It is located in the foot of Mount Rinjani. Exactly located in Bayan, the north of Lombok. It takes 3 hours driving from Mataram, the capital city of Lombok. Although it takes a long journey to reach here, but we will be served with a beautiful panorama such as Malimbu Hill and the coast of Senggigi beach along the trip.

To reach Sendang Gile water falls takes 20 minutes walks down five hundreds stairs from Senaru Village. Senaru is the main access to climb Mount Rinjani national park. Sendang Gile is not the only one of the water falls located in this area. There are two other water falls, called Tiu Kelep and Betara Lejang. The journey to reach those water falls is longer and more challenging. Tiu Kelep for example, it takes another hours walk upriver great trail and steps from Sendang Gile. Betara Lejang is located farther. It takes a day walking through Mount Rinjani. Since I hadn’t made enough preparation to reach Betara Lejang,  I decided coming to see Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep in this journey. Surely as usual, I keep Betara Leja for another time 😀

Both Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep are great water falls.

Tiu Kelep Water Fall

Sendang Gile has a height about 40 meters. This water fall emerges from the cliff and falls directly into the river below it. The water that comes straight from Mount Rinjani makes Sendang Gile becomes so clean and fresh. I took a moment standing under Sendang Gile water fall. It hurts lil bit, but feeling fresh after all.

Satisfied enjoying Sendang Gile, I walked to the next water fall, which is Tiu Kelep. As I said before, the journey to reach here is about an hour from Sendang Gile. Walking above the path of volcanic rocks decorated with the exotic wood, acrossing the river, and enjoying the view of wilderness scenery makes this journey becomes really amazing. All of this greatness becomes perfect when I already reached Tiu Kelep water fall. 

Tiu Kelep water fall is more powerful than Sendang Gile. From a distance our clothes had become wet because the splashes. In Sasak language, Tiu interpreted as vortex. Unlike Sendang Gile which only had a shallow pond, in Tiu Kelep the visitors can swim in the pool directly above the water fall. With a depth about 1 meter, this pool become safe to swim. I love swimming here so much!! The greatness become complete with the color of rainbow arises because the water bias.

If normally Lombok, as well as Bali, well known with its beautiful beaches and attractive clubs and cafes, coming to see water falls become a picturesque experience! Love it so muchh!! 🙂